Celebrate 200 episodes of

the BALANCE AND MOTHERHOOD Podcast with me!

Brand New!
I want to hear from you - and share your message in an episode!
So here's what you do: click the "start recording" button below to record a voice note that will be sent directly to me. I'd love to use your message in an upcoming episode and/or in social media spreading the word about BAM and acknowledging this milestone in the community.
What to mention in your message:
Feel free to mention your name, where you're from and/or how many kiddos you have. You could share how you found the podcast, what you like about it, a favorite listening moment or episode and/or a big breakthrough or takeaway you've gained from the show.
Oh, and please try to record in a quiet place (earbuds with the built in mic would be awesome) to get the best sound quality possible :)
*There's a 5 minute limit to the message
**By recording a message, you are giving me your consent to share it and repurpose it for the podcast or any promotion.
The Balance and Motherhood podcast is about putting yourself first in motherhood - giving mamas tools, resources and conversations ranging from topic like sex, relationships, mindfulness, self-care and more.

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