3 Vital Steps

for Mothers to Connect with their Sexuality

Are you ready to be a turned on, orgasmic

woman and mama?!

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Are you experiencing TOTs?

Touched out


Turned off

If so...trust me, you're not alone. That's why I put this ebook together for you. I'm giving you the 3 things that have helped myself, my clients and thousands of my podcast listeners to activate their sexual energy and be turned on women!

What's in this ebook?

  • Reminders of the things that can kill our sexual energy and how to be aware of them

  • The 3 vital things you can be doing to get in touch with your sexuality as a woman and a mother

  • Exercises and takeaways to help you stay connected with your sensual side


If you're ready to be bold and to ignite passion in your life (and your bedroom), then this is for you.

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