Humble = When you can receive and view the world around you in a healthy way

Badass= When you move boldly, authentically and unapologetically

It seems strange to see these two words together. And yet when combined in a powerful way, the results are nothing short of extraordinary. We don't have to separate them. We don't have to be one or the other. And we don't have to feel or be perceived as "not enough" or "too much."


Because guess what?! You are a humble, badass, balanced, beautiful, magnificent mamma jamma. But I know (believe me!) it doesn't always feel that way.

The limiting beliefs, cultural expectations, and plain old bullshit that you encounter everyday has seeped into your head and has you feeling less than awesome about yourself and your abilities.

There are times when you self-sabotage, blame yourself and turn your anger at the world inward. You might have started to make it a habit to turn to distractions like food, alcohol or work to bury the emotional turmoil you’re experiencing. That voice that says, “This would happen to me, I just have shitty luck” creeps in more than you'd like. You’re known for doing for other people - taking on their problems or responsibilities, in order to feel like a superhero and receive love and acceptance - but rarely, if ever, show love and kindness to yourself.

This is especially pervasive among mothers. We give out to everyone else. We lose sight of who we are, who we thought we were, who we could be.

It's time to quit being so hard on yourself, to tell your inner critic that you're complete with her opinions, and to take meaningful steps to transform your life!

Because I promise you this, as sure as anything I've known in my life from personal experience and in my coaching -


The Unleash Your Humble Badass Digital Course

Your permission slip to live with more heart, passion, and courage!

This course is for you if:

  • You want to feel like you have more balance in your life and less chaos. 

  • You want to be able to keep your head when shit hits he fan. 

  • You want to be more clear on who you are and what matters to you. 

  • You want to wake up each morning full of energy, excited to take on the day and happy with who you see in the mirror. 

  • You want more successful and meaningful relationships in your life with people who uplift you.

You will receive the tools, mindsets and permission to:

  •  Realize your purpose and mission and being able to step into that person authentically and unapologetically.

  •  Own your responsibility to create a balanced, healthy, badass life.

  •  Have the passion and energy to go about your daily tasks and support others without feeling depleted.

  •  Find more reasons to be grateful than to be frustrated with the state of things.

  •  Be someone that inspires others to shift their health and make more powerful choices.

Here's what you get!

  • 10 mindset videos that will get your juices flowing and put you in the proper mental space to dive into each topic

  • 8 official workbooks (over 100 pages), deliciously stocked with engaging material that will help you get into alignment with what you really want in your life

  • 25 spirit-awakening exercises that will never go out of style even after you complete the course, because you're always growing and evolving

  • Bonus #1: Extra home"play" challenges for each section to take your understanding further with some real-life practice

  • Bonus #2: Recorded webinar series that delves into some of the tools that every Humble Badass wants in his/her arsenal 

  • Bonus #3: Audio coaching guide that dives deeper into each section, and allows you to bring Unleash Your Humble Badass with you on the go!

  • **And lifetime access to the 10 sections of the UYHB course (each with their videos, workbooks, at-home assignments, and an audio companion guides)

Here's what you learn!

In Section 1: OWNING WHAT YOU STAND FOR we identify who you are so that you can speak your truth with confidence. Because how do you know who you are if you don't know what you value? 


In Section 2: UNCOVERING AND UNLEASHING YOUR SUPER POWERS we get to understanding your gifts (those things that come naturally to you), your talents (those things that you've worked hard at) and your passions (those things that light you up) and start using them to make your mark on the world. Because the world misses out when you hide out!


In Section 3: CONTRIBUTING TO THE WORLD AROUND YOU we dive into the main influencers and people in your life and what it means for you to feel abundant. Paying attention to the physical space you occupy (environment) as well as the mental space you occupy (abundance mentality), directly impacts who you become and how you see the world. 


In Section 4: FINDING YOUR NORTH STAR we get very clear as to who you say you are and what you are looking to experience in this life. We develop a compass for your life so you can make more powerful decisions that align with your true self.


In Section 5: BEING INTENTIONAL AS HELL we look at how you spend your time and energy, and how you go about accomplishing what's important to you. Clear role delineation and S.M.A.R.T. goal setting prevent losing track of who you are and what you need to accomplish.


In Section 6: TURNING FEAR INTO "MAGIC" we exercise your ability to influence yourself, others and life (aka Magic) and we cultivate a practice of recognizing how badass your life really is. Because you are a powerful being and you have an impact on your life, other's lives, and life itself!


In Section 7: ADDRESSING YOUR "BODY VEHICLE" we pay attention to your "body vehicle" to make sure your ride through life is smooth. You can't be a badass if you're not showing up for yourself first. 


In Section 8: FINDING YOUR B.A.L.A.N.C.E. IN THE MIDST OF CHAOS we break down the true meaning of "balance", and get you started down a sustainable path to healthier habits. How often have you said or thought "I need more balance in my life"?

Here's what happens when you purchase:

  • You will receive an email with a Welcome Letter which will usher you to the program, giving you next step instructions, and providing you with your login credentials. 

  • Each week I'll send you a new email with material to help you long with that week's section (maybe even some special bonus material!)

  • You'll begin tapping into your true power, transforming your life's experience and creating more of what you want in life!

Your one time investment is only $197

14 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you're unhappy with your purchase for any reason, just contact me within 14 days (2 weeks) of your purchase, and I'll refund 100% of your money.


When is the best time to start a life transforming program like this?

Tricky question, because there isn’t a best time. There is only the time you choose make. 

There are plenty of excuses to make, reasons to conjure up as to why now is not a great time to invest in yourself. You have a lot on your plate or you’re just waiting until this next project or situation is complete and resolved. The plate will continue to fill and the situations will continue to arise. 

That won’t change. 

What will change is your ability and capacity to manage all of these things while maintaining who you are. But that will only change when you take action! 

You are worth it!