Motherhood Can Be A Mother@#!$*%!

Learn how to balance motherhood and self care with THE BAM BOOST.

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  • Sarah Bivens
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  1. The Balanced Mama Moment

  2. Balanced Mama Moment - Breath

  3. Balanced Mama Moment - Aqua

  4. Balanced Mama Moment - Lengthen

  5. Balanced Mama Moment - Anaerobic

  6. Balanced Mama Moment - Nutrition

  7. Balanced Mama Moment - Cleanse

  8. Balanced Mama Moment - Energize

  9. Nothing Will Prepare You for Motherhood

  10. People Want to Help You

  11. Balance With Your Partner

  12. Sex and Motherhood

  13. Mom Bod

  14. Connecting With Your Child

  15. All Moms are Working Moms

  16. Be a Mama, Not a Martyr

  17. Mama Allies

  18. Sometimes, There Are No Explanations

  19. Mini Guided Morning Meditation

  20. Mini Guided Evening Meditation

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A note from Sarah:

Hey Mama!


I'm so honored that you're checking out The BAM Boost. I've put my heart and soul into these tracks, and I know you'll love them.


For months, I took feedback from moms all over the country on where they were feeling the most out of balance, over-worked, and uninspired. I took all that input and poured it into this audio series. I'm inspired to say each one of these 21 tracks were made for moms, by moms. 


This is for the mama who wants to create her own sense of balance, moment to moment. I will guide you, through the ease and convenience of a pair of headphones, on a journey of balance. We walk through what a Balanced Mama Moment is - how to make them and real life examples and applications in different topics and challenges of motherhood.


I made this to support you in creating your own unique sense of balance and what it means to you. Because balance is not one size fits all, and neither is motherhood.

I'm excited for you, and I'm here for you.

In Love and Balance,

- Sarah

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21 audio tracks to help you find more balance in your life

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