“Motherhood has taught me that now, more than ever, I need to secure my own oxygen mask before I help anyone else with theirs.”
Sarah Bivens

My "Balanced Mama" 3 Month Coaching Program Is Perfect For

Young moms coping with work-life balance, experiencing the stressors of taking care of kids (physically and emotionally) and looking for a way to feel more human, to feel more normal so that they can get back to themselves, and as a result of that be an awesome mom. You've been asking yourself, “How can I be a better mom?” And and answer is, “By being a better YOU!” I'll help you get there.

This 3 Month Experience Is An Opportunity For You

To evaluate your repertoire of habits. What we do is: incept new healthy habits into your lifestyle, create more consistency and accountability around healthy habits you sporadically do, and reduce and eliminate unhealthy habits that are not serving you. It’s a way to effectively manage yourself in the midst of all the other million things going on in your life and integrate it all effortlessly. This is the cure for the pains of the common “to-do” and hustle and bustle mentality.

Exactly What You'll Receive

  • 90 minute kickoff call where we'll create your customized Balance Chart

  • Weekly 30 minute phone sessions

  • Weekly emails with customized exercise routines

  • 24/7 email access (when we're not on our weekly calls)

  • Special gift at end of month


$600 per month or one payment of $1500

Get started by dropping me your information below and we'll set up a complimentary 30 minute phone session.

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