The Balance and Motherhood Tribe

A Group Coaching Experience for Mamas to Build More Joy, Support and Accountability in Their Lives

Have you felt, thought or said any of the following?

  • I’ve lost myself in motherhood and/or marriage. I don’t have anything for me. I don’t even know who I am anymore. How do I maintain a sense of personal identity while being a mom?

  • I wish I could be more present for my kids, my friends and my family.

  • I don’t know how to balance the todos with self-care.

  • I get stressed and anxious easily and don’t know how to change it.

  • I need extra support and guidance with moving through my challenges, because I know I can’t do it all alone.

  • I’m tired of worrying about what others need and think all the time. I’m ready to release my people-pleasing ways.

If so, you're not alone. I promise!

 This is a group of badass, empowered women who are ready to level up in life.

This is a space for full transparency, authenticity and vulnerability.

This is a tribe of transformation.

What You Get In The BAM Tribe

  • Confidence in who you are and in your ability to create a joyful life

  • Greater sense of your identity and integration of your responsibilities and roles

  • Tools to draw from when life circumstances hit - for coping with stress in a healthier way and building loving and connected relationships with others

  • Habits and practices to fill up your personal emotional bank account and establish your own unique sense of balance, keeping you at a status of “thriving,” as opposed to drained and depleted

  • The lessons from others’ breakdowns and breakthroughs

How It All Works

  • 6-month group coaching experience led by yours truly, Sarah Bivens

  • 4-5 group members max, to keep the group intimate and make sure every voice is heard

  • One 30-minute call with each member prior to group kick-off to establish goals and some accountability tools

  • Weekly 75-minute live video conference calls with the group, with access to recording for review/recap or in case of a member’s absence

  • Check-ins between scheduled calls for continued group morale, celebrating successes, getting feedback on situations, following up on accountability or answering any questions

  • Homework/goal-setting on occasion to keep your momentum going in between calls

Group Cost

The investment for the group is $200/month ($1200 total for the 6 months).

You can pay in full with a 10% discount or sign up for the monthly payment plan. No matter which plan you choose, your first payment is due upon approval of your application. This will hold your spot in the group. If you choose monthly payments, you will be charged once per month for the duration of the group.​

But trust me, it's not all sunshine and rainbows and unicorn glitter farts!

You're a good fit for this group if:

  • You’re ready to acknowledge what is no longer working for you in your life and you’re open to wearing on new practices, tools and mindsets to create a different (more extraordinary) result.

  • You’re serious about busting down your fears and limitations that have previously held you back.

  • You’re complete with bullshitting and staying comfortable with ignoring your gifts and greatness.

  • You’re craving deep and intimate connection with other women for the purpose of cultivating more inspiration and balance in your life.

  • You’re committed to investing in yourself.

This group is definitely NOT for you if:

  • You’re not ready to be vulnerable and real about what’s going on and how that can shift.

  • You’re not all that serious about taking intentional time for your growth. It sounds nice, but you’re just not there yet.

  • You’re going to allow every possible excuse and distraction get in the way of doing something for yourself.

  • You’re comfortable with hanging out and going through the motions.

  • You’re not in a coachable and receptive type of space for transformational work at the moment.

Groups are currently forming. Sign up for the BAM Tribe group below.

Hi! I'm Sarah, and I'm the creator of BAM Tribes.

The idea for BAM Tribe came to me after a number of months of hosting the Balance and Motherhood podcast and realizing the need for a group coaching experience that captured the essence of what we talk about on the show. They say it take a village to raise a child, and I firmly believe that we continue to need the village for ourselves, to raise up powerful mothers. That’s what the BAM Tribe is all about.


As a podcaster (I also host a podcast with my husband Matthew about home birth called Doing It At Home), I know the value of storytelling and sharing. And as a lifestyle coach, I know the power of intentional work and investment in your own self-care, self-love and growth. The BAM Tribe combines these elements in a communal setting. I’m honored to be leading BAM Tribes and supporting mamas in connecting with their true sense of self and loving themselves through the process.


When I’m not recording for the podcasts or working with my group or one-on-one coaching clients, you can find me with my husband Matthew and our daughter Maya, probably up to some sort of shenanigans. We live in Marietta, Georgia with our two adopted pups Watson and Ginny.


I can’t wait to meet you and connect!

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