I'm here for you.

There's a lot going on right now. You might find yourself feeling overwhelmed, isolated, frustrated, confused...and any other mix of things.
I'm opening up my schedule to the BAM community over the next month. If you want to talk about anything, or just have a friendly voice to chat with and share some laughs, click the link below to schedule a 20-minute connection chat. Think of it like the BAM hotline. Available as long as there are still spots on the calendar.

Quick note: I am not a medical doctor or licensed (mental) health professional. I am a lifestyle coach and I use mindset, tools, support and accountability in my work with clients. These chats that I'm offering are completely free, informal conversations with the intention of connecting and giving back to the BAM community. Please consult your physician should you feel you require medical attention. These calls are not intended to replace any sort of mental health counseling or therapy.

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