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The monthly membership for mothers to connect with their sexuality, identity, confidence and power.



We have a real problem on our hands here - we’ve got millions of sexless young mothers out there who are dealing with TOTs.

I'm talking about:

Touched Out


Turned Off

This disconnection from your sexual energy contributes to your feeling like you’ve lost your identity and self-confidence. And this spills into every aspect of your life from your physical health and how you relate to your body to how you communicate with your partner, how you perform your job or daily tasks and of course how you mother your children.


I understand this because I know what it’s like to be disconnected from my own sexuality. Years of suppression, shame, guilt and judgement.


Exploring your sexuality as a woman and especially as a mother, challenges a lot and brings up a lot of fear, anxiety and resistance. It’s not typically how we are raised or taught.


You might have felt like you couldn’t talk about any of this stuff with anyone else in the past. You might not have had supportive partners in the past who encouraged you to express yourself freely. You might have residual anger, resentment or trauma.


But you’re interested in changing that and creating something different. Because guess what -- it doesn’t have to be the way that it’s been. You have all the ability, power and choice within you to be orgasmically in love with your life!


I’m here to establish a new paradigm -- that the Orgasmic Mama is a better mama. Because you’re a better you through this process and this experience that I’ve put together for you.

Get access to videos and audio content along with tools, resources and exercises that will connect you with your turned on, orgasmic self in less than 90 days.


But you’ll want to stay in the community well past those 90 days, I promise. Because new content will be added monthly, along with live virtual coaching sessions for the community going over any questions or topics from that month.

Here’s a secret I discovered in my own life and through connecting with hundreds of mamas from coaching and podcasting -- every aspect of your life is improved, healed and amplified by working on your relationship to your sexuality and igniting your sexual energy in an empowering and healthy way. It literally impacts everything.

Some real talk for's some of my story

I used to HATE sex.

 I don’t just mean having it, but basically anything having to do with it. Talking about it. References in movies, music or media.

So how the hell does one go from a place of basically swearing off sex to now creating something called Orgasmic Mama, and encouraging mamas everywhere to be in touch with their sexuality and sensual expression?

Great fucking question.

It took years of leaning into my own personal growth and development - books, coaches, meditations, exercise, nutrition. I reached a certain level of mastery, but I knew I was capped. I wasn’t going to progress any further, and fully own my power and greatness if I didn’t address the elephant in the room.

The fact of the matter was that I had the maturity of a teenager around sex. Interesting thing about sex - the more you have it, doesn’t mean you’re maturing around it, or relating to it in a healthy and empowering way, or even getting anything out of it. Pair that immature mindset with the emotional tools, paradigms and coping skills collected over the years from a series of sexually suppressive sources (trying saying that 5 times fast!), I was shut down and dried up (in more ways than one).

What was showing up as a result? Dissatisfaction in the bedroom (at no fault to my partner), self-consciousness around my physical body and sexual experience, painful and taxing period and chronic, raging UTI’s. I could ignore my sexual healing as long as I wanted, but the results in my body, life and relationships would not change until I mustered up the courage to explore it.

When I started seeing my sexual health and relationship as just as significant as my mental, physical and emotional well-being, things started to connect. The dots began to connect and I saw that the root for a lot of my past depression, stress and trauma were linked with my whole approach to sexual energy and the space I held for it in my life.

And so fast forward, I sit here confident as ever that our sexuality (not having you look at the full picture) is linked with every aspect of who we are and what we do. Especially as mothers. This is why I’m so passionate about sharing this message with mothers in particular.

Because I’ve seen and felt the effects of a stifled sexuality and what that can mean:

  • More stress and anxiety on top of the generous helping that motherhood alone serves up

  • Distance and resentment with your partner

  • Pain or dis-ease in the physical body

  • Shorter fuse and anger when it comes to the kiddos

  • Feeling like there’s no time for yourself

  • Low self-worth and confidence

And so it’s with this conviction from my own personal experience and from my coaching clients that I created Orgasmic Mama, a space for mothers who are ready to own their sexuality and identity and be truly in love with their lives.

For me to be where I am now, I know with every cell in my body that it’s possible for every woman. To be an Orgasmic Mama.

What’s great for you is that I’ve been the guinea pig for everything you’ll see in Orgasmic Mama. I’ve lived it. I’ve tested what works, so that you get to experience the magical results. You don’t need the years and thousands of dollars that I’ve put into figuring it out. I promise you that just 90 days of Orgasmic Mama will create some massive shift in your relationship to your sexuality. But you won't want to stop there. Because that's just the first of many breakthroughs.

But don’t just take my word for it. Read some of the feedback from mamas I have coached with one-on-one, using the tenants and methods that I put into Orgasmic Mama.


Thea, mom of 2, on her biggest breakthrough:


“Prior to life coaching, I felt stuck in my thoughts and feelings, unable to work through and resolve problems. Now, I feel that, by understanding who I am, what i need, and who I want to be, I can work through issues that arise. Also, by just ‘keeping my cup filled,’ I am not as easily affected by challenges I once was. Recognizing physical touch as my primary love language and understanding that when I am fulfilled in that area (sexually), I feel more at peace in my life and the rest flows naturally."


Jess, mom of 1, on her biggest breakthrough:


“My relationship with sex is completely different than what it was. Before: to even think about or talk about - I was uncomfortable, but now it’s the most natural thing in the world to me. The fact that I realized my gifts...and I realize that I’m worthy of this -- the money, the time, the resources invested in me.”


These are examples of what happens when you take the bold step to address your relationship with your sexuality, and you see how it connects with your sense of identity, confidence, your health and your creative energy.


Here’s the thing -- you are worthy of waking up every single morning fulfilled, joyful and aroused (in every sense of the word!). And if you’re not - no one is going to do it for you. An Orgasmic Mama life will not fall into your lap. You have to go out and consciously create it. So join me on this adventure.



(it's also MOM upside down...just saying)



I've never really seen anything like Orgasmic Mama before, that's why I made it. It's like the sexiest, juiciest growing interactive library plus virtual coaching experience completely for mamas who are starving for honest, real, raw conversation around sexuality and navigating the journey of motherhood. 

We cover topics like:

  • Knowing and loving yourself, so that you turn yourself on

  • How to create a sexy, synergistic relationship with your partner

  • Pregnant and postpartum sex

  • Sexy self-care

  • Body image

  • Activating your sensuality

  • Creating life orgasms

  • Confidence and self-awareness

  • Loving your vagina

  • So so so so much more!!

Each section will have any combination of videos, audio recordings and tools that you can start implementing at that moment you listen, watch or read. That's what I love about the membership - it gives you the opportunity to put the philosophy into practical practice - bringing conscious and intense subject matter into a grounded place that can have real impact in your life. And it's all at your own speed and convenience. 

We'll also have interviews from guest contributors - thought leaders and experts in different areas that connect and empower the conversation around sexuality and motherhood.




The truth is that orgasmic mama and everything that you will get out of it is PRICELESS. Yes, PRICELESS. I know this because I've been through it myself, and when I check back with every client and ask her what injecting this philosophy into her life has mean for her, the answer is consistent. IT'S PRICELESS. 

Because what is more important than loving yourself and the life you're creating? NOTHING.

That being said, I have to put some sort of label of value on it. I want as many mamas as possible to access Orgasmic Mama. I'm a young first-time mama myself. I get it when it comes to investing in yourself. I know it's challenging. AND I also know how important it is to practice investing time and resources in yourself -- for the betterment of our children, our partners, our families and our communities. I would NOT be where I am in now if I hadn't made the bold move to do things for myself. I understand that one-on-one coaching isn't for everyone. So I'm committed to having the membership affordable for the busy mama and her budget.





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