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What is the Orgasmic Mama program?

The experience of connecting mothers - at any stage (preconception, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond), with their sexuality and identity through a balanced approach to self-care and mindset. This program prepares and empowers you to be their best as mothers and as individuals.

Who is this program for?

Mothers (whether TTC, pregnant, newly postpartum or seasoned), who are experiencing the effects of TOTs:

Touched Out


Turned Off

You may have lost yourself in the pursuit of becoming a mother, felt less intimacy with yourself and/or your significant other or been stuck and unsure with what to do next. This program is for you if you are ready for this to change, and ready to receive support and accountability.

Why Orgasmic Mama?

Because so much time, energy and resources go toward the planning for pregnancy and birth, that often times the emphasis on mama and your wellbeing in the postpartum and motherhood stages is lost. So much focus is on baby, that mama is left dealing with any combination of:

  • Heightened stress and anxiety

  • Lack of rest and nourishment

  • No self-care habits or routine

  • Feeling TOTs (touched out, overstressed and turned off)

  • Taking care of everyone else first

  • Lack of support system

  • Loss of identity and purpose

  • Loss of sexuality, confidence and expression

The Orgasmic Mama approach can be applied and empower you at any stage of your motherhood journey. 

If you are in preconception - these tools and practices will keep you connected with your intentions and visions for family planning, and help you maintain a mindset of self-care. All while activating your sexual energy and intimacy as you create life. 

If you are pregnant - the program will support you in preparing for a powerful birth experience and set you up with the essential habits of early motherhood that will take you beyond "surviving" and put you in a space of "thriving."

If you are a newly postpartum or seasoned mama - this coaching will provide you with the space to connect deeply with yourself - your purpose, passion, confidence and identity. This is putting on your own oxygen mask first and finding your orgasmic joy in life and motherhood.

Want to learn more?

Schedule a 30-minute consult call, to see if Orgasmic Mama is a great fit for you. 

Hear from other Orgasmic Mamas

"I feel that by understanding who I am, what I need, and who I want to be, I can work through issues that arise. Also, by 'keeping my cup filled', I am not as easily affected by challenges I once was. Recognizing physical touch as my primary love language and understanding that when I am fulfilled in that area sexually, I feel more at peace in my life and the rest flows naturally.”

Thea, mama of 2

"My relationship with sex is completely different than what it was. Before: to even think about or talk about - I was uncomfortable, but now it’s the most natural thing in the world to me. Also, I realized my gifts...and I realize that I’m worthy of this -- the money, the time, the resources invested in ME.” 

- Jess, mama of 1

I'm Sarah, and I'm here for you!

Here is my personal mission: To be the Badass Goddess in exquisite execution of balanced lifestyle; acknowledging and honoring my divine feminine source and owning my power to co-create, while intimately connecting to others through love, service, nurturing and healing; exploring and being what’s possible, attuned to the abundance of the Universe and answering its call with a joyful and faithful heart that generates orgasmic and sustainable health and wealth.

I'm a coach, podcaster, orgasmic mama, wife, mother, sister, lover, friend, creator and many other roles. 

I host two podcasts: Balance and Motherhood and Doing It At Home. Between clients and episode recordings, each week I have the honor of being in more intimate and empowering conversations than I can count. I take this energy, these experiences and my own personal transformation to fuel everything I create. And I make sure to walk my talk - I practice and live fully into all of what I coach. I believe this sincerity and boldness is what facilitates the shifts I see in my clients and the magical moments that ensue.