Have you thought about coaching in the past, but been unsure because of the investment (financial, time, energy, etc)?

I totally get it. That's why I'm providing a special kind of coaching offering, for a limited time and while spots are available.

And so I give you: "Lifestyle Coaching Lite"

I'm trying something different here. I felt inspired by multiple conversations I'd been having with potential and current clients, and I'm always interested in evolving what I'm doing and how I'm serving my communities.  


I'm offering coaching sessions at a per session rate and scheduling. So essentially anyone can sign up for single sessions (up to 6 - if you know you want more than 6, then one of my longer term coaching programs are a better fit for you).


This is a great option for circumstances like:

  • You're a past client, and you'd like check-in/maintenance calls to keep the support and accountability while you apply what we've already created

  • You've thought about coaching and think it's a great fit but you might have been unsure in the past because of the finances or time commitments - this is a great path to get a feel for the coaching and potentially continue with a longer term engagement

  • You need a tune up - a couple of sessions to unpack whatever you're working on, get clear on a few things and get into inspired action from a centered and powerful place

How does it work?

Pretty simple. You click the button above to schedule your session(s). You'll follow the instructions, select your time, make your payment and BOOM, we're set up. (If you are scheduling more than one call at once -- you'll just need to repeat the process of selecting a date/time for each session you're booking).

Prior to our first call, I will reach out via email with a coaching agreement (outlining the intentions and standards for the coaching arrangement) along with a self-evaluation activity for you to complete, so I can have some context and understanding of your current situation and goals. 

What will we do in the coaching?

That's going to vary for each person - as the experience is dynamic and organic.

These are some of my areas of focus when it comes to my style of coaching:

  • balance and motherhood - establishing mindset and habits for feeling and being your best as a mother

  • helping women in the journey to motherhood - from preconception, TTC, pregnant, postpartum and seasoned motherhood

  • being an orgasmic mama - connecting to your sexual energy and intimacy and using it to fuel everything you do and the roles you fill

  • healthy communication with yourself and within your relationships

  • working through identity challenges in motherhood - finding yourself, aligning with your purpose and passion and being confident in who you are

  • moving through big life shifts (career, health, relationship) and providing the support and accountability to transition powerfully

Want to see if this is right for you?

Let's hop on a 20-minute call (totally free).

I can answer any questions and we can determine if we are a great fit for one another.

I'm Sarah Bivens and I'm here for you.
I just want you to know that wherever you find yourself now, you are insanely worthy of experiencing what your heart desires - whether that's success in your work, deep connection in your relationship(s), or peace and balance within yourself, I'm holding space for you. You got this. You are whole, complete and loved! 

This option for coaching will not be around for long. If you've thought about it...and especially if you're here now...it's for a reason. Lean in. Trust the process. Trust YOURSELF. So if not now, when?

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