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My Experience with The Bellefit Maternity Corset for Dealing with Postpartum Ab Separation

August 25, 2017

My postpartum recovery journey was a bit more challenging than I imagined it would be. For one, I had a minor tear during delivery which was quickly stitched up (all from the comfort of my own bed). However over the next couple of weeks I noticed the skin wasn’t healing exactly the way it should. It was irritating and uncomfortable and prolonged my time off from exercise and just feeling a bit more normal. Anyway, that was eventually fixed with a visit to the backup MD I would have seen in the event we transferred to a hospital. Along with the tearing, I had some minor ab separation as well. I’m not sure if we’d classify it as a full-on diastasis recti diagnosis - because it’s not a full two finger’s width. But it’s definitely there, and it’s been something that I’ve grappled with on the physical side and then of course the mental and emotional.


Postpartum life has so many elements to contend with. Your body has gone through an entire metamorphosis over the past 9-10 months, not to mention you just went through a transformation event that is birth. And now, as your body moves into its next stage of healing and recovery, you’re dealing with the fact that you have a new tiny human to care for!


In those first couple of weeks of postpartum, I was so protective of my belly and very cautious with movement. I felt like all of my internal organs were sloshing around in there, and in those days it took for the shell of my pregnant belly to come back down and deflate like a hot air balloon, it would have been really nice to know about and use some sort of support system or mechanism to help. Because there’s enough going on. Worrying about your spleen falling out when you cough or sneeze should not be a thing.


Fast forward and I’m now almost a year into the motherhood game. I just found out about Bellefit, and I’m really excited to be able to share it with other moms who currently or will eventually need the kind of support that I described and did not get for myself at the time.


Couple of things I really dig about Bellefit - for one, they are headquartered in my hometown of sunny Weston, Florida! Seriously, I could walk to the office from my mom’s house. How cool is that?!


And the company was founded by a mom who wanted to help her daughter during a difficult c-section recovery - to reduce pain and increase comfort. I personally love a story of someone identifying a need or problem, and then creating a solution and a solid company from it. And total bonus that it helps moms in postpartum life. I don’t feel there are currently enough resources, content, platforms, etc. for bringing awareness to postpartum transition and recovery. It is getting better though, and folks from Bellefit are part of that movement.


I’ve been trying out their Corset style for a while now. Even at the later stages of postpartum (I would recommend using their products earlier on - basically within a week of giving birth, of course getting clearance from your doctor, midwife, care provider if you have any complications or special needs in your recovery process that might otherwise make wearing a girdle type of garment not the best option for you at the time), I can feel the support and the structure it provides. I like that feeling of everything being together, snug and in it’s place, so that’s a win in my book. You can tell the fabric is also very high quality - durable. It even makes me more aware of my posture, so when I’ve worn it I notice I sit and stand a little bit more upright. It did “breathe” a little bit after a couple of wears - it felt more formed to my shape versus the first time I tried it on I thought it might be a little too tight.


One thing I would suggest is consulting their customer service on size if you’re unsure. I originally thought I’d be a small (also keep in mind this was the first time I’d measured myself for anything - so my skills might not have been as sharp) - but I couldn’t get the small up past my thicker thighs.


Bellefit and their products are about providing that extra support - it’s an avenue for recovery and healing during postpartum. Whether you had a vaginal birth, belly birth, have some ab separation like me, there’s a model to serve you best. It’s not a solution about weight loss, that’s the not the goal here. So much of the postpartum experience is a mental, emotional, and spiritual thing. Getting the proper care, support and mindset in those areas are essential to loving your body at all stages, shapes and sizes. Then having something like Bellefit is the cherry on top.


Check out some of my posts and pictures using the Bellefit corset:







I’m really excited to partner up with Bellefit to offer you all a discount on their products. Use the code SARAH20 when you check out, for $20 off your purchase.

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